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Sinopharm Xiamen

Zhongding Integration and Sinopharm Xiamen (Xiamen Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd.) reached a cooperative relationship in 2014 and established the pharmaceutical logistics center project. The project is designed with five palletizers, the number of storage location reaches 10,500, the number of goods location on partition shelves in dismounting and sorting area reaches 10,075, a mature high-speed sorting system is used and brings the enterprise a stable and efficient storage mode; in the meantime, the designed spiral elevating system reduces the operating space for enterprises, and greatly improve the operating efficiency by 50% of the simultaneous transport efficiency of straight elevating system, the effect is significant and operating costs of the enterprise is directly saved.
In the cooperation with Sinopharm Xiamen, Zhongding Integration has kept making progress. And strive to make users feel secure about products and integration. Zhongding's one-stop service further makes customers feel secure.
The logistics center can provide third-party logistics services for the pharmaceutical, health care products and other drug-related units, including supplier inventory management, warehousing distribution and hosting, product production and marketing platform, circulation processing and other value-added services to achieve the organic combination of business flow, logistics and information flow, provide multi-functional and integrated comprehensive distribution services for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end-users, so that pharmaceutical logistics distribution efficiency can be comprehensively improved and the cost of medicines can be reduced.

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