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Cardinal (China) Drug Distribution Center

Zhongding Integration and Cardinal (China) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperated in 2012 and established a pharmaceutical logistics center in Beijing, which meets the GSP requirements. The entire logistics center has high automated operation degree, is mainly divided into automated stereoscopic warehouse, dismounting and sorting warehouse, general forklift warehouse and composite packaging area, it is equipped with automatic sorting system and automatic transport system. In order to efficiently improve order processing capacity of the logistics center warehouse, RF electronic tag picking system is introduced and greatly shortens the picking time. It only takes three seconds to pass the electronic label and the order processing capacity is greatly improved; at the same time, the leaning wheel high-speed sorter is used and the designed efficiency can reach 3500 boxes/hour. The leaning wheel sorting system is a mature sorting equipment and has been put into hundreds of projects by Zhongding Integration. The system has significant effect and gets unanimous recognition of customers.
Once the logistics distribution center is put into production, it will almost have no stop in 365 days. The reliability of transport parts of automatic transport system, RF, electronic tags and other equipment  is of great importance, so major equipment components chosen by Zhongding Integration are from world-class brand.

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