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Articulated robots and integration

Articulated robot, also known as articulated arm robot or articulated robotic arm, is one of the most common industrial robots in today's industry. They could be applied to mechanical automation operations in many industrial areas, such as automatic assembly, painting, handling, welding and other operations. They include five-axis and six-axis articulated robots, pallet joint robots, plane articulated robots according to the structural form; while according to the job category, they could be classified into handling robots, spot welding robots, arc welding robots, painting robots, laser cutting robots, etc.
In the field of automatic production logistics transportation, articulated robots almost could adapt to work in any tracks or angles, which greatly improve the automation and production efficiency, at the same time, it also could replace manpower to complete the complex work that may damage the health or is unavailable for human. In the automatic stereoscopic warehouse, the palletizing function is particularly excellent.

Truss robot and integration

Truss robot is also called gantry robot or Cartesian coordinate robot. It is a full automatic industrial device that is established on the basis of X,Y,Z three-coordinate system to adjust the work station of workpiece or achieve its track movement and other functions. Truss robot could transfer objects, operate instruments and further complete various operations. It processes and designs a whole set of materials transferring and storage device in terms of the automatic turning, drilling of bearing workpieces with the feature of fast speed, high precision, good water and dust proof functions, and further meets the actual demands of machine tools production
At present, the truss robot from Zhongding Integration has been widely used in tire production line, new energy lithium battery production line, auto parts production line, etc. The truss robot has been maturely applied into many domestic leading enterprises, received widespread high praise of the customers, which helps the enterprises save the labor force and enhance the production efficiency.

Spider robot and integration

Spider robot, also known as spider hand sorting robot, has three degrees of spatial freedom and one rotational degree of freedom, it can capture the target object by teaching programming or visual system, determine the spatial location of TCP by three parallel servo axises to achieve rapidly picking, sorting, packing, handling, processing and other operations for target objectives. It is mainly used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical and electronic products and other industries, with the characteristics of light weight, small size, fast speed, fine positioning, low cost, high efficiency, etc.
 At present, in the new energy lithium battery industry, Zhongding Integration spider hand sorting robot is widely used and plays a significant role in the battery production line.

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