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Classification of automated stereoscopic warehouse

According to the architectural form can be divided into two kinds of integral and separated.
(1) Integral type: refers to in addition to storage of cargoes, the shelves are but also as a building support structure, constitute a part of the building, that is, the integrated structure of the warehouse shelf, general integral height of more than 12 meters. This warehouse is with light weight structure, good integrity, good shock resistance.
(2) Separated: separated shelves of cargoes stored exist independently within the building. The separated height is below 12 meters, but there are 15 to 20 meters. Apply to the place that use the original building for the storehouse, or build a high shelf in the plant and warehouse.
Cargo deposit
In accordance with the form of cargo access is divided into unit shelf, mobile shelf and sorting shelf type.
(1) Unit shelf type: unit shelf is a common form of warehouse. The cargoes are firstly placed in the tray or container, and then loaded into cargo location of the unit shelves.
(2) Mobile shelf type: mobile shelf type consists of electric shelves, the shelf can walk on the track, and controlled by the control device to close and separate. The shelves are apart during operation, and operation can be carried out in the roadway; when not operating, the shelves can be closed, only to leave a operation roadway, thereby enhancing the utilization of space.
(3) Sorting shelf type: the sorting mechanism in the sorting shelf type is its core part, divided into sorting inside the roadway and outside the roadway. "Sorting before cargoes" refers to that the sorting personnels arrive to the front of cargo box by sorting stacker, and pick up the required quantity of cargoes from the cargo box for outbound. "Sorting before people" is to transport the tray or container storing the required cargoes by the stacker to the sorting area, the sorting personnel pick out the required cargoes according to the requirements of the bill of lading, and then the remaining cargoes are back to the original.
Shelf construction
It can be divided into unit bay type, through type, horizontal rotation type and vertical rotation type.
(1) Unit bay type warehouse: similar to the unit shelf, roadway accounted for about one-third of the area.
(2) Through type: In order to improve the utilization of the warehouse, you can cancel the roadway between the rows of shelves, integrate the individual shelves together, to make each layer and the same column of cargoes connect, to form a channel that can store multiple cargo units at one time, and pick up at the other end by the outbound crane, become a through type warehouse. According to the way the cargo unit moves within the channel, through type warehouse can be divided into gravity shelves and shuttle shelves warehouse. Each stock channel of gravity shelf warehouse can only store the same kind of cargoes, so it is suitable for the warehouses that cargoes are not too many varieties but relatively large number. The shuttle trolley can be moved from one stock channel to another by a crane.
(3) Shelf of horizontal rotary warehouse: This type of warehouse itself can be run back and forth along a circular route in the horizontal plane. Each set of shelves consists of a number of independent containers, using a chain conveyor to link these containers together. Each container has the support roller below, and guide roller at the upper. When the conveyor is running, the container moves accordingly. When you need to pick up goods, you only need to give the outbound instructions on the console. When the container containing the required goods is transferred to the outlet, the shelf will stop. This kind of shelf is very suitable for the sorting of small items. It is simple and practical, makes full use of space, suitable for occasions that operating frequency requirements are not too high.
(4) Vertical rotation shelf warehouse: similar to the horizontal rotation shelf warehouse, only the rotation in the horizontal plane changed to the vertical plane. This shelf is particularly suitable for storing long rolls of goods, such as carpets, floor leather, film rolls, cable rolls and so on.

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