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Classification according to the type of cargo and machinery loading by stereoscopic warehouse

1) Shelf forklift stereoscopic warehouse
There are three kinds of forklifts used in the stereoscopic warehouse, one is the high lift height (high lift) forklift, one is the reach forklift, one is the side forklift. And the last two forklifts also need to have a certain lifting height. Forklift is loaded from the ground, and is not the fixed facilities, and thus more automatic. However, the width of the channel occupied by the forklift operation is wide, and its maximum lifting height is generally not more than 6 meters, therefore, it only applies to the middle and lower stereoscopic warehouse.
2) Roadway stacker stereoscopic warehouse
The shelf channel of the stereoscopic warehouse adopts the roadway stacker, and the roadway stacker used is mainly use the two ways of upper load-bearing pendent and the bottom bearing upper rail limited. Mainly used in middle, high stereoscopic warehouse.
Sorting by operation
1. Manual addressing, manual loading method. Manually operate the machine and address on the high shelf, and then manually remove the cargoes from the shelves or the  cargoes on the truck into the shelves.
2. Automatic addressing, manual loading method. According to the input instructions, the machine automatically run and address, and automatic stop after running to the scheduled cargo, and then manually load or pick from the shelves.
3. The methods of automatic addressing, automatic loading and unloading are unmanned operation. According to the instructions of the controller or by the computer outbound, inbound instructions automatically operate.
In the above three methods, manual addressing and manual loading are mainly applicable to the middle and lower stereoscopic warehouse truck, the other two methods are for medium and high-level stereoscopic warehouse.
Sorting by function
1) Storage stereoscopic warehouse, with a large number of storage of cargoes as the main function, there are few types of cargoes, but the quantity is large and the deposit is long. The stereoscopic warehouse with a variety of dense shelves is suitable for storage warehouse.
2) Sorting stereoscopic warehouse, which is with quantity buying, multi-user, multi-category, small batch issued as the main function. This type of warehouse should create conditions for easy sorting and quick sorting, therefore, it often takes the way of automatic address recognition. Due to the large differences in user needs, it is difficult to go into and out in a whole, therefore, it is not suitable for automated unmanned operation, but the use of manual sorting. Pick-type stereoscopic warehouse is more used for distribution center.

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