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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Stereoscopic Warehouse

Automated stereoscopic warehouse is referred to as stereoscopic warehouse. Generally refers to the warehouse that use several layers, ten layers or even dozens of layers of high shelf storage unit cargo, with the corresponding material handling equipment for warehousing and ex-warehousing operations. Because this type of warehouse can make full use of space to store the cargo, often vividly called“stereoscopic warehouse."  
1. Main advantages of automated stereoscopic warehouse:
(1) Adopting high-level shelf storage, roadway stacker operations, can greatly increase the effective height of the warehouse, make full use of the effective area and storage space of the warehouse, make the storage of goods centralized, three-dimensional, reduce the land area, reduce land acquisition expenses.
(2) Can achieve the mechanization, automation of warehouse operations, can greatly improve work efficiency.
(3) Because the material is centralized stored in a limited space, it is easy to carry out temperature and humidity control.
(4) Using computer for control and management, which makes the operation process and information processing quickly, accurately and timely, can speed up the material turnover, and reduce storage costs.
(5) Due to the centralized storage and computer control of goods, it is conducive to use the modern science and technology and modern management methods
2. Main disadvantages of automated stereoscopic warehouse:
(1) Warehouse structure is complex, support equipments are many, requiring a lot of infrastructure and equipment investment.
(2) Shelf installation requires high accuracy, construction is more difficult, and with long construction period.
(3) Computer controlled systems are the“nerve center”of the warehouse. Once a failure, the entire warehouse will be in a state of paralysis, send and receive operations will be interrupted.
(4) Because high-level shelves are stored in units of standard cargo box, there are certain limitations on the type of cargoes to be stored.
(5) As the implementation of automatic control and management for warehouse with stronger technicality, the requirements for the staff technical business quality are relatively high, the staff must have a certain level of culture and professional knowledge, and specially trained personnel is to competent.

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