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WCS monitoring system software

Warehouse control system WCS is between warehouse control system WCS, such as upper information management system, and upper hardware performing system, such as PLC. On one hand, it receives orders from the management system, and sends it to PLC and other hardware performing system to drive the equipment to operate; on the other hand, it reflects the state and data of PLC system on the interface in real time, and offers manual debugging interface for PLC and other hardware systems. Besides, WCS also provides access and management for code scanner, AGV, weighing instrument and multiple terminal hardwares.
WMS warehouse management software

WMS realizes binding of cargo and tray with data through RFID/barcode and other information identification technologies, effectively controls and tracks the logistics state, docks with WCS and other equipments control system, implements job scheduling in warehouse and constructs a comprehensive, efficient and intelligent warehouse management platform. At the same time, WMS can also dock with ERP, MES, MRP and many other softwares to better improve the precision level of enterprise repository.
Pharmaceutical circulation management software

Medical management system is a professional medical software developed for the operation and management of pharmaceutical enterprises, integrated with sales & inventory, finance, GSP and business analysis, fully satisfying various demands of pharmaceutical enterprises. The software can uniformly and systematically manage the stream of people, logistics, capital flow and information flow from all links of medical marketing companies, and realize whole-process computer recording and control of service information, comprehensively improving the level of operation and management of pharmaceutical enterprises.
Interface application software

We call such interface between human and software as "user interface", i.e. "UI". Here we need to discuss about the former definition:  Interactive interface between different software parts. Usually, it is the so-called API―― application programming interface in form of source code. The invention and development of API has greatly promoted the progress of computer industry and API almost can decide daily operation from all aspects.

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