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Zhejiang Aront Health Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aront”) is affiliated to Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Rongtai”), which is a supplier and brand service provider of massage appliance (mainly massage chair) and sci-tech health care solutions focusing on the health industry and integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing, it has been listed on A-share on January 11, 2017 (Stock Abbreviation: Rongtai health, stock code :603579). Rongtai not only has special counters in high-end department stores in most cities across the country, but also sells its products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and other countries and regions.

Overview of Aront Plant
Project Introduction
Aront "Intelligent Plant" is newly planned by Rongtai with the expectation that the business will continue to grow in the future. It's located in Nanxun, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. The total investment amount is more than RMB 50 million yuan, and the production workshop covers an area of about 14,000 square meters, of which the three-dimensional warehouse covers an area of about 9,890 square meters. As an important link in building an Intelligent Plant, Wuxi Zhongding Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongding Integration”) cooperated closely with Aront in 2016 to create a unique solution for its design fort he automatic three-dimensional warehousing of finished products and raw materials, the selection of raw and auxiliary materials, and the inbound and outbound logistics of raw materials and finished products, etc., which can meet the logistics needs of Aront's annual production of 300,000 massage chairs.

Intelligent Warehouse 
The intelligent warehouse designed and implemented by Zhongding Integration is provided with high-efficiency and advanced technology. It is equipped with nine 14-meter storage/retrieval machines (SRMs) and 1 multi-layer RGV, with 17,642 storage locations. Two floors, including a mezzanine, were designed according to the customer's assembly line requirements for finished goods and accessories. The 2 main assembly lines of massage chairs and the assembly line of the finished backrest parts are arranged on the first floor. The assembly lines of calf, handrail, backrest, electric control cabinet and other components are arranged on the second floor.

Intelligent Warehouse
Advanced and efficient logistics system solutions
The inbound and outbound system of finished goods:
Inbound: The finished goods are assembled in the production workshop, and then sent to the conveyor. The reciprocating elevator lifts the goods to the steel platform yard on the mezzanine of the first floor, where the robot places the goods neatly on the pallets. Then, the goods are sent to the warehousing port by the designated superordination machine through the logistics line, and then transported to the designated storage location by SRMs. The capacity can meet 1000 pallets of finished products in and out of the warehouse every day, and the efficiency of the Pick-it-Easy Shop mode is 60% higher than the original operation mode.
Outbound: When receiving the request for delivery of the finished goods, the SRM takes out the corresponding goods and puts on the conveyor in front of the warehouse, which transports the goods to the corresponding delivery port through the conveyor line, and delivers it after manual shipment.

Robot Palletizer

Truss Robotic Manipulator
Supply and assembly line for raw materials:
Inbound: When the raw materials on the mobile storage table are full of a stack, the whole stack of raw materials are sent to the automatic film wrapping machine for film wrapping, which prevents the goods from being damaged and plays a role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning during the handling process. After the wrapping process is completed, the materials are transported to the designated inbound port, and sent to the designated storage location by the SRM. The daily inbound capacity of 1200 pallets of raw materials can be met.
Outbound: When receiving the request for outbound of raw materials, the SRM takes out the specified goods, merges the different materials together manually, and then transports it to the production workshop through the intelligent RGV trolley, reciprocating hoist and other conveying equipment, and replenishes the raw materials manually.

Automatic Film Wrapping Machine

Intelligent RGV Trolley
Supply and assembly line for parts are components: 
The RGV can run on a set of tracks in a multi-storey shelf, using its own clip-on fork to take out the bins of parts and components, place them at the designated exit, and at the same time store the bins at the entrance into the specified storage location. A multiple-layer RGV warehouse can meet the requirement for picking 2,400 bins of components per day.

Multi-layer RGV warehouse

Multi-layer RGV
Highlights of the Project
Overall 4.0 system construction of the production line and 3-dimensional warehouse
The Project is equipped with many advanced logistics equipment, e.g. 9 SRMs up to 14 meters high, 1 multi-layer RGV, 2 robots, 3 automatic film wrapping machines, reciprocating hoists, intelligent RGV...which connect production with warehouse logistics with overall MES system control. The system is consummate and comprehensive with a quite high degree of automation. It is a model for the modern factory of Industry 4.0.
Application of multi-layer RGV in intelligent logistics
The multi-layer RGV system is a very advanced logistics technology at home and abroad, and it has a wide range of applications. It can quickly and accurately complete the picking operation in a high-density storage system, and realize the integrated process, which can help the enterprise to give full play to the maximum value with high efficiency and precision.
This intelligent warehouse has also gained lots of praise from customers for cost-effectiveness and continuous growth, both to meet existing needs and to provide support in the future stage of growth, thereby enabling Rongtai to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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