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[Case Sharing] Zhongding Integration Technology Co., Ltd. helps QM Home Furnishings to create a smart and efficient home furnishings logistics system

In recent years, the logistics operation mode of most home furnishing enterprises is changing rapidly - the industrialization trend of customized furniture is more clear, the furniture production begins to transform into intelligent manufacturing, and the sales channels are expanded from physical stores to omni-channels.
All of these have led to new changes in the planning, construction and operation management of the logistics and logistics centers in the home furnishings industry, reflecting the need for intelligent and efficient logistics system of home furnishings industry.

QuMei Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “QM”) is a leading large-scale and standardized furniture group which integrates design, production and sales in China. In the early 1990s, QM set out to create its own standardized production base and standardization process. At present, QM has three production bases with a total area of more than 400,000 m2, of which 80% of the production lines are imported from Germany and Italy to create a flexible, individual and intelligent home furnishing design & production system of QM.
In 2016, QM Home Furnishing and Zhongding Integration worked closely together to create a smart logistics system for home furnishings at the QM's factory in Beijing to improve the efficiency of the supply chain to meet their increasing quantity of orders.

As a leading logistics system integrator in China, Zhongding Integration has tailored an intelligent and efficient warehouse based on the thorough understand of the current situation and needs of QM.

This Project uses a total of several double-mast straightway double-extension storage/retrieval machines (SRMs) for inbound and outbound operations. The SRMs adopt a supporting form of double-mast on ground and each has a rated load of 1000kg. The conveying equipment is arranged at both ends of the three-dimensional warehouse and the inbound and outbound operations can be performed simultaneously.

Each laneway is provided with several chain conveyors. The entire conveying equipment for inbound and outbound is mainly composed of chain conveyors, roller conveyors and a Jack-up Transfer Station, which can meet the inbound, outbound, selection and return of the whole SRM operation. 
By using a dual-station RGV, the requirements for simultaneous transport of palletized goods and empty pallets are met, and the process is optimized for higher transfer efficiency.

7-day fast inventory turnover rate
Monthly order handling capacity: up to 14600 orders
Monthly shipments: Up to 251,120 packages

"Zhongding Integration not only equips QM with the latest software, which is ready to meet the challenges of the future; it is also easy to expand warehouse capabilities at any time – both in terms of technology and software, including other related applications of Industry 4.0 ."

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