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The concept of automated stereoscopic warehouse

The emergence and development of warehouse is the result of the development of production and technology after World War II. In the early 1950s, there emerged stereoscopic warehouse that adopted bridge stacking crane in the United States; in the late 1950s and early 1960s, there emerged roadway stacking center stereoscopic warehouse operated by drivers; in 1963, the United States took the lead in adopting computer control technology in high rack warehouse, and establishing the first computer controlled stereoscopic warehouse. Since then, automated stereoscopic warehouse has developed rapidly in the United States, and has formed a specialized subject. In the mid-1960s, Japan started to build stereoscopic warehouses and develop at a faster and faster speed, becoming one of the countries that have the most automated stereoscopic warehouses in today's world.
It is not late for the development of the stereoscopic warehouse and its material handling equipment, the first bridge stacking crane was developed in 1963, and in 1973, China began to develop the first computer-controlled automated stereoscopic warehouse (15m high), which was put into operation in 1980. By 2003, China had had more than 200 automated stereoscopic warehouses. Due to its high spatial utilization rate, strong inbound and outbound capacity, and convenience for enterprises to implement modern management by using computer for control management, stereoscopic warehouse has become an indispensable warehousing technology for enterprise logistics and production management, being more and more valued by enterprises.
Automated stereoscopic warehouse (AS/RS) is a complex automated system that consists of stereoscopic shelf, aisle stacker crane, inbound and outbound tray conveyor system, size detection barcode reading system, communication system, automated control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipments such as electric wire cable bridge power distribution cabinet, tray, adjustment platform, and steel structure platform. Using the first-class integrated logistics concept, adopting advanced control, bus, communication and information technology, and performing the inbound operation through the coordination of the above equipments.

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