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Warehouse classification of stereoscopic warehouses

1) Integrated stereoscopic warehouse
High-level shelf and building are integrated, and the high-level shelf cannot be separately disassembled. This kind of warehouse, the supporting structure of high-level shelf and warehouse, the warehouse has no single pillar and beam. The roofing of shelf is laid on the top of the shelf, and the shelf also serves as a permanent facility, the cost of which can be saved to a certain extent.
2) Detached stereoscopic warehouse
Buildings and high-level shelves are not joined together, but built separately. It is usually after the completion of the building that high-level shelves and relevant mechanical equipments are installed in the building according to design and planning.
The detached stereoscopic warehouse is capable of not forming a permanent facility. It is more mobile as it can be reinstalled and reconfigured as needed. Generally speaking, the cost is relatively high as they are built separately. Detached stereoscopic warehouse is also suitable for being adopted when transforming the old warehouse.
Integrated stereoscopic warehouses generally have more storeys and adopt steel structure or reinforced concrete structure, while detached stereoscopic warehouse generally has fewer storeys and mainly adopt steel structure, being mobile as it can be assembled and removed.
In modern logistics system, storage logistics center, warehouses with a large throughput and storing capacity, and distribution center inventory usually adopt integrated stereoscopic warehouse, while workshop warehouse, distribution department of the distribution center and transfer center usually adopt detached stereoscopic warehouse.

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