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Automated stereoscopic warehouses need no manual operation to reduce manual labor

With the rapid development and progress of the global economy, the market economy in China has also changed dramatically. The competition among enterprises has become increasingly fierce, of which the production efficiency and storage efficiency have become the core issues of enterprise competition. The whole line of automated stereoscopic warehouse is completely automated, which need no manual operation and reduce manual error, reducing labor cost while improving storage efficiency. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend of the historical progress to develop the automatic three-dimensional warehouse!
According to users' different requirements for storage temperature, this warehouse is divided into two areas: normal temperature area and low temperature area. The normal temperature area is used for storing fresh milk products, while the low temperature area, with refrigeration equipment and a constant temperature of 4℃, is used for storing bottle yogurt. According to the process of production-storage-delivery and the process requirements for dairy products, and after the simulation optimization of the plan, it is finally decided that the warehouse is divided into 6 areas, namely inbound area, storage area, pallet (external) backflow area, outbound area, maintenance area and computer management control room. The inbound area consists of 66 chain conveyors and 3 double-station high-speed shuttles. Be responsible for transferring the entire plate of goods completed in the stacking area of the production line into every warehouse entrance. While the double-station shuttles are responsible for the goods delivered by the conveyor in the production line.
Functions of the stereoscopic warehouse:
Automated stereoscopic warehouse is an important part of the logistics system. Under the high command of the computer management system, it efficiently and reasonably stores various types of low-voltage electrical appliance finished products. It provides the needed finished products to all sales departments in an accurate, real-time and flexible way. It also provides accurate information for material purchase, production scheduling, plan making and the convergence of production and marketing. At the same time, it also has the functions of saving land, alleviating labor intensity, improving logistics efficiency, reducing storage and transportation loss, and decreasing the flow capital backlog.

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