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Chain and roller conveying equipment

Roller conveyor is suitable for conveying all kinds of cargoes in packages such as boxes, bags and pallets, etc. Bulk cargoes, small goods or irregular articles need to be conveyed on pallets or in reusable containers. It can transport single piece material with heavy weight, or bear a larger impact load. It is easy to connect roller lines for filtering. A complicated logistics transport system composed of multiple roller lines and other conveyors or special units can be used to meet various technical requirements. Stacking transport of materials can be realized with a power & free roller.

Plate chain conveying equipment

Plate chain conveyor is applicable to heavy load conveying of irregularly-shaped articles. The chain selects large hollow roller attached with chains, which are connected with plate-shaped member on accessories of synchronous chain on both sides to make the transport direction form continuous plate, thus achieving steady operation.


Suspension conveying equipment

It has hoisting, transport and storage functions, and can meet requirements of various processing and assembling process. It is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, light industrial appliance, food, postal service and other industries.

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