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System development is generally divided into five stages:
1. Definition and planning of the problem
This is a stage to discuss system development and demands, and mainly confirm the development target of the system and its feasibility.
2. Demand analysis
Make detailed demand analysis for various functions the system needs to achieve in case of confirmation of the feasibility of system development. Demand analysis is a very important stage to lay a solid foundation for the development of the whole system project. "The only constant is the change itself". Similarly, system demand also keeps changing and deepening in the process of system development. Thus, we must make custom-made demand variation plans to handle such change, so as to protect the whole project in normal condition.
3. System design
Occasionally, this stage needs to design the whole system including system framework design and database design, etc. according to demand analysis results. System design is generally split into general design and detail design.
4. Program coding
This is a stage to convert system design results into computer computable program codes. The unified and standard coding specifications must be prepared during program coding. To guarantee the readability and ease maintenance of the program. And to improve the programming efficiency.
5. System test
A strict test must be made after the completion of system design and the existing problems discovered during the whole system design must be corrected. The whole test stage falls into three stages: unit test, assembly test and system test. Test methods mainly are white-box test and black-box test.

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